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Unreal Earth

What if every place on earth was a fantasy land? Explore cities from a different viewpoint across an Unreal Earth. Imagine every place on this earth to be a fantasy land! How cool would that be? Unreal earth is a project to convert every place on this planet into a Fantasy Land. These images are created considering topography, vegetation, culture, history etc. in art deco and vector art style. 1 copy of each place will be minted. You will be able to unlock high res copy when you buy.

We will be making these available soon. Feel free to drop us a line for any information or special place of interest which you might want to see. Meanwhile join us on twitter or Instagram for updates.

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We plan to sell around 100-200 NFTs in this category. Once we sell the first 100, 50% of the profit will go back to the owners in the form of Merchandise.

Yes, only 1 copy will be minted.

This will be on Ethereum block-chain

A 2000×2000 px high resolution imgae, You can use it commercially as also to print and frame or make a T Shirt.

A creative mind remains in constant awareness and has a deeper connection with the Universe

Debashis Dey - Photographer and Graphic Artist
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